View Full Version : DP Edge shading issues

Morgan Nilsson
09-16-2016, 07:40 PM
Hello good folks!

I am attempting to use the DP Edge node to fake a high-poly look to my low-poly models. Provided images to show the shading issues I am having.

With edge node:


For some reason it is ignoring the middle pieces and I have no idea why.

Anyone who could help shed some light on this?

Thanks a ton!

And oh, whilst I am creating a thread anyways, is the result I am getting from the Edge node, once I get it working, is it bake-able to a normal map so I can use it elsewhere such as in a game engine?


Okay, so it works if I move everything into the same layer... or if I create a new material for each piece I would assume.

Well, sweet! Now only the question if it is bakeable somehow remains. Do keep in mind I am absolutely clueless about Lightwave and I am only evaluating adding it into my toolset from time to time, the DP Edge node is almost pushing me over the edge to finally do it!



Getting closer... But calling it a night now.



Yippie! Just had to turn off the light. Not the most streamlined workflow or process overall but I am fine with that! Can't wait to play with it more.