View Full Version : Search my posts?

09-13-2016, 03:55 PM
I know I have asked, and had this answered before, but I can never seem to find it again.

How do I look through all of my old posts and their replies?

If I remembered how to search my old threads, I could find the answer to how to search my old threads... meta huh.


Guess I'll re-ask the question that prompted me to want to look through my old answers while I'm at it. LW crashed an now my object is just points on one layer, I remember someone showed me somewhere you can maybe find some scene/object back ups, but I don't remember where?

09-13-2016, 07:16 PM
Found the list of all my old threads. Obviously, you click on "Settings" - then click on "View All Subscribed Threads" - both of which are towards the top right. Can't imagine why that isn't the first place I look every time I try to do this.

Despite my gripping though, thanks to this forum and all of you in it, for sure.