View Full Version : Fun with instancing: Scene attached: noob alert!

09-12-2016, 11:14 PM
Haven't used Instancing yet? You should, it's FUN!

Mark W. did some cool stuff combining Instancing, Spline Control, and Motion Path to do lay-out (design), which got me interested in the various generator modes of Instancer.

Very intriguing is the MOTION PATH option, so I been fooling around w/ that.

Here's a simple scene to try out your own ideas!


"Interesting" factoid: changing the "Separation Jitter" parameter, like e.g. animating the value, can cause instances to pass thru each other.

Positive values in the Separation parameter generate Instances in preceding an object on its motion path, while negative values generate them trailing.

It's not clear to me (and I haven't checked the dox) what exact units the Separation parameter is using-- it doesn't seem to be linear distance, nor related to the bounding box of the instanced geometry (drop "Instances" to 2 and Separation to 1.0 and you'll see what I mean). OTOH, it probably doesn't matter as a practical consideration. Also, the separation is not maintained-- bunching occurs at curves and tight keyframes.