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08-17-2016, 11:25 AM
(Discussion continued from : forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?145067-FReq-Better-quot-Build-Null-Object-quot-dialog-really-just-one-thing)

I've gone and revisited this script, and added a little automation for a very common null task(for me) - base/control pairs. I got tired of manually doing them in RHFR. :)

The control pairs flag overrides Multiple Nulls and Null Chain options - it generates a pair of nulls, one named _base, the other _ctrl, _ctrl parented to _base. it disables the item shape options for _base, but applies them to _ctrl

I need to do some more tweaks, but I should have V3.0 of this script ready soon, this weekend, most likely.

Would adding a distance between nulls generated in a chain be a useful thing to anyone? I can see a use for it, but was wondering if it would be useful to anyone?

I'm also thinking about tweaking the name generation; by using %n and %s (numbers and string, respectively), the script would be able to place the base, ctrl, and any numbers on enumerated nulls where you want them, not just tacked onto the end.

Ianr :

That would be 10 new interface controls (1 group, 9 buttons) replacing the one, plus ten callbacks, and figuring out the logic of a radio button set up, and repeating that 9 times (there are 9 item choices). While it would give me greater control over where the buttons are placed, at 400 lines of code, Build Null Object 3.0 is a little cumbersome; I'll probably start breaking it down into includes, to make maintaining it easier.

08-21-2016, 08:38 PM
Well, I've got the new version ready...
-Name controls: Using %s (strings) and %n (numbers) you can control where BNO3 puts the text and numbers. If not present, defaults to sticking it on the end of the name.
-Control Pairs: Creates a pair of nulls (name)_base and (name)_ctrl; ctrl is parented to base, and gets the assigned item shape. Base gets no item shape. Useful for rigging controls.
-Offset : Allows multiple nulls to be offset from each other. Input field becomes active when checkbox is checked.

I'll dig up the original documentation and license, get it zipped up with the script, and upload in the AM.