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08-16-2016, 10:47 AM
Let me preface by stating that my intended workflow is to get Daz content into Lightwave for rendering but this is a fully Daz3d issue and am not getting any help from their Support Department.

I have already contacted Daz support and they can't seem to replicate my issue (I think he didn't simulate now that I think about it) but I get the issue on 3 different computers with two different Daz versions. Here is the situation I am running into:

Daz ver and
Running Dynamic Cloth, Animate2 and Animate MDD exporter
Using old Victoria 4.2
Problem Dynamic Clothings so far: Urban Cargo Pants & Top, Classy Flounce Skirt and Top, Women's Jeans, Mock Turtle Neck, Ultimate Tee, Century Nightgown (I have a feeling that anything I purchased from the Dynamic Cloth Bundle may have the same issue but haven't tested all yet)

I setup V4.2 with some morphs and textures.
Using Animate2 I set up a simple chain of Skamotion's Catwalk.
I then Bake the keys to the Timeline.
I select one Dynamic Cloth and drape on the first frame.
Then I select animation and drape on all the frames.
When the sim is complete, I select the Dynamic Clothing and export using Animate MDD exporter with the preset set to Modo and checked Ignore Invisibles (V4.2 is set to invisible).
Daz Promplty Crashes.

Ones that actually worked : Evening Gown, Strapless Dress, Cargo Pants, Twiggy Dress, Flared Dress (I think many of these were free from the OptiTex Website but not sure)
I did try to export a dynamic cloth without simulation and it exported fine. It seems the simulation causes the problem on some of these dynamic objects

Support suggested I contact the AniMate people at Gofigure.com which I attempted but have so far got no response and their website and social media forums are 2 years old so I'm not expecting a response from them anytime soon. Also, OptiTex (the maker of the Dynamic Sim and Clothing) was recently bought out by may have nothing to do with support with these older products.

If anyone has run into this or can test this to see if they can replicate the problem to find out what I'm doing wrong or if there is a legitimate bug here.

Thanks for any help!


08-16-2016, 11:27 AM
..Aaaaaand of course once I posted this, a kind soul over on the Daz forums suggested a work around (or probably the normal procedure). Basically I needed to Freeze the simulation after it was completed calculating before exporting. So simple but it has escaped me to this point. Hope this helps someone in the future that runs into this situation....

08-18-2016, 04:59 AM
scamper over to Liberty3d.com

check out Ryan's Daz Bundle; in training;

it will probably help you shed-loads