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08-12-2016, 11:41 AM
[Original post lost in the forum server crash. Here's a new version that also includes news about some awards, our newest trailer, and more. :) ]

Our tiny indie studio has officially launched the Windows PC version of Prominence, our first-person, point-and-click science-fiction adventure game.

More than 95% of the art in the game was built/rendered in LightWave (9.6!) with some help from Photoshop and After Effects. More than 65,000 images were rendered, totaling over 100GB. (Like many point-and-click adventures, the art is all pre-rendered.)

Some reviews from the gaming press:
AdventureGamers.com (http://www.adventuregamers.com/articles/view/29628)
IndieGames.com (http://indiegames.com/2015/12/epic_sci-fi_adventuring_with_p.html)
HardcoreGamer.com (http://www.hardcoregamer.com/2015/11/16/review-prominence/177448/)

We were surprised and honored when Prominence was listed on IndieGames.com 'Best of the Year' list for Best Visuals (http://indiegames.com/2015/12/2015_staff_picks_best_overall.html) and for Top Picks: Adventure Category (http://indiegames.com/2015/12/2015_staff_picks_genre.html). It was also nominated for 3 Aggie Awards (http://www.adventuregamers.com/articles/view/29957) (Best Writing: Drama, Best Gameplay, and Best Sound Effects).

Our newest trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5EJ7RAeBS8) includes some press quotes, using motion tracking in AE + one case where text was added to the LightWave shot. (Bonus points if you can tell which press quote was done directly in LightWave!)

If the trailer leaves you hungry for more info,here's the nickel tour of the gameplay and features. It shows some of the objects, environments, and animations. Itís from our Greenlight campaign on Steam, but it kinda ended up everywhere, including PCGamer (http://www.pcgamer.com/prominence-atmospheric-first-person-adventure-out-november-6/).

http://i.imgur.com/iKlpp46.png (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVmcte8y_OA)

Here are a few screenshots from the finished game (click for full-size versions).
http://i.imgur.com/0LJC7XM.png (http://i.imgur.com/plTnQEg.png)

http://www.prominencegame.com/images/prominence-20151124-233415_650.png (http://www.prominencegame.com/for_Jack_at_adventuregamers/prominence-20151124-233415.png)

http://i.imgur.com/ZlnKSaH.png (http://i.imgur.com/g6WVieI.png)

http://www.prominencegame.com/images/prominence-20151124-230947.png (http://www.prominencegame.com/for_Jack_at_adventuregamers/prominence-20151124-230947.png)

Sample concept to model development:
http://www.prominencegame.com/images/crate_design_adj_revB_650.png (http://www.prominencegame.com/images/crate_design_adj_revB.png)

Sample inventory item close-up:

We made heavy use of:
- Matt Gorner's Animated Limited Region script (with Ken Nign's Info Saver Script and some workflow tweaks (http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?115276-Free-Script-Animated-Limited-Region&p=1274706&viewfull=1#post1274706)).
- 3rd party tools, including Worley's FPrime (for previews), a good dose of IFW2/Nodal Textures, a bit of LWCAD (thought I'd use it a lot more, but it didn't work out that way), a few renders with UberCam, some plugins from TrueArt, Pictrix, and Denis Pontonnier's DP Kit.
- dozens of free scripts and plugins from the amazing LW community

This post is about the relevance of LightWave in the project, but if you're If you're interested in the story, just say the word and I'll post some details.

The game is available in English and German (subtitles) on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/270230), the Humble Store (https://www.humblebundle.com/store/p/prominence_storefront) (Steam key + DRM-free), and through the official site (http://www.prominencegame.com) (Steam key + DRM-free).

This was a passion project developed over several years. Now that it's completed, I'm excited to jump into LW2015 and try out all the new stuff. :)

Happy to reply to any questions, and feedback is most welcome. Thanks!


P.S. If you have some experience running games via emulation/wrappers on Mac or Linux and would like to help us out, please send me a PM. We don't currently have resources to port it, but if we get lucky with a workaround it would make some fans very happy.