View Full Version : The dynamics fx tabs..For future consideration!

08-05-2016, 05:25 PM
While working on the next lighwave release, could you developing guys take a look at consolidate the fx tool in better manners, either we really need two three more tabs or a new type of shelf opening tool that contains a scrollable and docking menu (preferably with icons)

Itīs just that it doesnīt make sense(not to me anyway..if that says anything :) how it all was placed, I mean, the old fx system is placed under items, the new stuff is placed under fx tools, as well as the old fx emitter (thatīs ok though)
but under the new fx tools we also got fiberfx, hypervoxels etc.

Wouldnīt it be better to have one tab called old legacy dynamics, and simply another called bullet dynamics, or to shorten it OL-Dynamics/B-Dynamics ..or something, unless you guys manage to implement a whole new UI for that as I suggested above, that I guess isnīt likely to happen in this version.

I guess I could simply design this myself to match my prefered setup, but I think it would help out making it easier for newbies and others if it were to be more reasonable consolidated towards more specifics, not just fx tools and throw everything in there till the menu tabs ends.

ofcourse, some others may disagree with me on this, so feel free to vent those opinions against this, and why it may not be such a good idea right here in this thread if they feel to do so.