View Full Version : Water in Bullet

Dan Ritchie
08-01-2016, 05:01 PM
It seems I came across an example somewhere of a shark fin gliding through water created with bullet. Anybody?

08-02-2016, 01:31 PM
I did a cloth fx sample not that long ago, but that was clothfx...
I think itīs a bit harder to do with bullet soft body, but clothfx is good for it I think..


Dan Ritchie
08-02-2016, 02:00 PM
That's the one. Any explanation of the technique? Wow, I haven't used ClothFX in so many years.

08-02-2016, 03:03 PM
That's the one. Any explanation of the technique? Wow, I haven't used ClothFX in so many years.
it wasnīt really anything special ..just clothfx and to get the settings right, the shark drone fin....I just applied a collsion fx in the object properties and tweaked the collision radius to work nicely, so the trick is to get the collision objectīs radius and strenght and rougness to a right balance so it pushes the clothfx object with whatever setting I used for the water.

the sharkfin had collision fx , type object , mode bounce.. with 50% bounce/bind power 0% friction and fix power, roughness 50%, 100% probability
the clothfx water object I just selected outer points and fixed them so not the whole water starts to collaps on itself.

Settings for the water here, basic tab would be..
weight 5
spring 500
viscosity 0.2
resistance 1
substructure 100
holdstructure 100

there is a resolution of 1 cm in the etc tab for this object of 10 meter in scale, the water object is divided in modeler at 28000 faces but also subpatched, once in layout I used subdivision set to last, but at a level of 1, then for clothfx..calculate, it took a couple of seconds for clothfx even to initiate, then it would take around one minute to calculate the dynamics of 130 frames.

Bullet may be faster, but I had some issues with the water objects points being to sticky against the shark fin, and I found it easier to control the water effect with clothfx with what it seems to be better controls for liuqid or jelly effects.
there is also smaller bump waves, wich is the ogo waves procedural.

Oh..thereīs sharknado 2 airing tonight on swedish tv, but I am not going to see it, they are not in their natural environment, and I really didnīt like much about that movie anyway..even though it had some lightwave VFX.