View Full Version : what will your focus be at siggraph

07-20-2016, 10:20 AM
For those that are going,

what wlil be your focus - and is there anything outstanding you want to check out?

07-20-2016, 11:20 AM
This years general theme is VR I suppose. With some motion capture and 3d printing stuff thrown in like usual. ;)

07-20-2016, 11:51 AM
Yup I bet VR, 360 camera rigs

07-20-2016, 12:09 PM
Clarisse is going version 3, new PBR that's supposed to be up to 2 times as fast, and it was already fast!

07-20-2016, 10:06 PM
I will check out clarisse -

anyone hear of anything that is "not to be missed"

i heard about on the 26th there is a houdini class thing going on
all day learn houdini- plus Everyone who attends Houdini day will receive 60 days free of Houdini Indie and 30 days of Pluralsight's library!

i'm looking for that.

Where: Anaheim Convention Center, room 208B

looks like you have to register for it.

I'm looking forward to experiencing VR (occulous)- i've only tried it at the samsung building near the grove in los angeles. They have a head set and you stick your phone in it - and its some sort of hack of VR - it's only so so. You can see seams.

07-22-2016, 12:17 PM
I personally wouldn't miss the newest Zbrush Features and Redshift Demos.

07-28-2016, 12:31 AM

siggraph was fun - 4 shirts and a couple of bags later - and one 4gb flash drive wearable - i got to see alot of vr.

one of the stand outs was a mobile app that applied a face paint to your face - like football fans - but it wasn't limited to that it could do a zombie face- it did a quick screen grab of your face and after that everything would track as you moved and turned your head - turn to much and it would stop though. Still - very very impressive -

the other thing that was there - a deloran from back to the future. -- why was it there -- no idea- did i care - oh ya it was super cool.

black magic had some nice things- fusion is now on mac, pc and just released for linux at version 8.2
did not know this but thats not the only nice freebie from black magic - davinci resolve 12 is a free video editor and color grader - super duper - better than premiere i think.

jobs were in the back - but were limited to something like 10 exhibitors -- weta wanted a minimum of 3 years film experience ... oddly enough i have that and the gal asked me straight out - how do you feel about moving to New Zealand =)
saddly i dont know maya at all - and thats the major software they use.

blizzard was also hiring - however he blew my mind when he said blizzard had over 6000 employees - i was like - did i hear that wrong???!!!!

houdini - i saw a destructin sim and a pro show how he does it - it is more like a programming language with alot of data set definitions - while i understood it - theres no way i could figure that out on my own - its something you really need to be taught - unlike lightwave which is much much more intuitive - although more limited.
i did like that you could set material settings like wood brick and metal - they have different bounce attributes and i like the nodal way of modeling even though it's not obvious how to do alot of things in houdini - SO complex.

wandering around the show was fun however - and VR as not a present as much as i thought it would be - for instance i did not see a single occulous.

3d printing was showing off the form 2 - I was blown away by the variety of plastic types - i could squeeze and bend each type - its slower than i thought - they touted it as super fast- and it probably is one of the faster ones but he showed this big lattice thingy - and said it took 12 hours to create- IS That fast? i have no idea - seemd like a long time - but other 3d printers could be even longer.
the rubbery material felt like rubber but was a type of plastic - oddly enough it was a tire being shown - i was like i could totally put that on a radio controlled car - just make and test tire desiigns so awesome how far 3d printing as come by.

c4d was a big booth -- houdini was pretty big - and foundry was huge showing off nuke and modo.

i missed the emerging tech as it wasn't free to my pass =-(

definatly worth going to see all the fun stuff people are doing -
city builder was neat

plus some of the VR was funny like the giant squishy ball - you hit it with a mocap sword - and could chop off things growing off the ball in VR - COOL