View Full Version : MODELING CHALLENGE: lost in the crash? Dagnabit!

07-19-2016, 10:55 PM
Well, crap, did the Speed Modeling Challenge get lost in the crash? Shoot!

As I recall, it was ROBOTS. I think it was due tomorrow, 7/20.

Here's my craptastic entry-- boy am I rusty! --unintended joke, yet so very true:

My goal here was to do something with zero planning, using very very very basic tools. Got sidelined by SMOOTH SHIFT for a while (never liked that tool), and had plans for rivets and whatnot, but hey, "plans". Mostly rectangles and bevels. No surfacing to speak of.

~90 minutes. So so bad.



Here's the mesh:

EDIT: oh, and I wanted to use the SPLINE GUIDE modeling tool after seeing Mark Warner use it. I think that's a neglected thing.