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05-05-2016, 08:47 AM
Hi i have some topics that i dont have very clear. talking the band width what are the limitations or where i can find information about it?

for example if i want to implement NDI workflow on a University something simple Tricaster 460 with cameras. on every classroom i run NDI monitor and watch the program out of this tricaster.
how many NDI monitor can I monitor at the same time in diferent classroom? who give the limit? the Tricaster? the 1 Gbs bandwith? the number of ports on the switcher?

other case if I run isorecorder pro and I have record 16 sources at the same time on a PC, I can use the others tools NDI monitor and other NDI iso recorder in others 5 PCs for example?
an finally what are the limitations of the ethernet cable? 100 mt?

I apreciate your help to understand better NDI =) !

05-05-2016, 10:31 AM
Bandwidth for NDI can peak at 100mbits/sec when working in 1080 resolutions. Other resolutions will have different bandwidth requirements.

One thing to be aware of is that NDI is a 'production' IP format, not a 'distribution' IP format. It it high bandwidth, low latency for use in live video production (like SDI would be used for). While you can have multiple people monitor a feed using NDI Monitor, this is meant for a few people to do so, not a dozens of people. No hard rule has been set on how many people can watch feed using NDI Monitor, but I'm thinking probably half a dozen at most. If you want many people to be watching the output, then you want to be using a streaming IP format for distribution.

NDI IsoCorder Pro can run with some other tools, but not all (for example NewTek's Connect Pro cannot run at the same time). I would highly recommend you make NDI IsoCorder run on it own system and use another system for additional NDI applications.

As for Ethernet length, CAT6 is rated for 100 meters. Optical fibre based Ethernet can go much longer.