View Full Version : wind forces..old system Improvements-rotational wind with envelope for spiral amount?

05-03-2016, 08:28 PM
Well..I was messing with particles and instances, I had some nice things going on with particles and rotational wind and spiral amount going on ..with some blocks parts on that, now I wanted to fade out the spiraling amount...sure I could use envelope the force to be at zero..but unfortunatly that isnīt affecting the spiral amount..which is odd, and I have no option of turning the spiral amount down either since it has no envelope nor any texture channel..so that is quite a bit of annoyance.

so..add envelopes on that please, this is the legacy particle system and wind forces, I just donīt understand why it wasnīt implemented in the first place, since it may simple render the effect useless at some point.

Same goes for the doughnut wind, it also has spiral amount and spiral thickness, without any option to keyframe envelopes to let it come at rest at zero level, to my dissapointment, I also had a good thing going on there as well..only to find out that I can not complete the effect as it should..:(