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05-02-2016, 10:16 AM
Hey, guys, this is my first post on this forum, so excuse me if I posted in the wrong place. I have a small problem with my Lightwave scene. I set up my whole scene in Lightwave, but simulated the nParticles in Maya and I am not sure how to export the cache data back into Lightwave. I don't have the MDD exporter for Maya and I don't know the Alembic workflow, plus there is no tutorial for it anywhere. I did however convert my nParticles into mesh (triangular) in Maya and exported the Alembic cache. It works fine when I import that back into Maya, but when import that same alembic file in Lightwave, the mesh completely breaks.

Does anyone know either a way to fix this, or a way to properly import the nParticles data from Maya, so I can use HyperVoxels.



11-17-2016, 10:12 AM
DPont does nice particle scan plugins and importers. http://dpont.pagesperso-orange.fr/plugins/MDD_Pointer.html
If you don't have an MDD exporter for Maya, could you try the pointcache format, PC2 or, MCC or whatever it is, by Autodesk?

You can load these into LW, either using the built-in MDD loader, or Denis' tools above! :D

Good luck!

11-17-2016, 10:17 AM
Also... this: