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05-01-2016, 02:11 AM
I have a video related question. So I record a video tutorial of LightWave using CamStudio. It records fine but it saves in AVI which my editing software, HitFilm, doesn't accept. So I use Handbrake to convert it to MP4. The video plays fine in VLC and Win Media Player. But when I load it in HitFilm the audio is way out of sync. It also says the framerate is 8 FPS when I know I recorded at 20 FPS.

Any suggestions for why the audio might be in sync in video players but not the editor?

Edit: Crap this always happens. I ask something here then find the solution. It seems if I encode form Handbrake using Constant Framerate instead of the default "Variable" then it seems to sync up OK. Or at least so far.

05-02-2016, 09:12 PM
I think most of the audio sync problem is due to the time axis damage, some friends of mine, they are doing the video pressing stuffs, sort of merge music, subtitles and video together. When they met this problem, they convert video format just like you, I think they use some hd video converter to fix out-of-sync audio thing, hope this helps :)

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Haha there was a time when lots of people on this forum used cat avatars.

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