View Full Version : Cannot get DFX+ to load

12-11-2003, 01:07 PM
We bought the DFX+ LW upgrade package.

When I try to load the app, I get an error message:

"Digital Fusion DFX+ could not find a valid liscense./Serial Number: Toaster: (XXXXXXXX).


"Invalid host. The Host id of this system doesn not match the host id specified in the license file.
Feature: DFXPlusBase

eyeon sent me a registration liscense file, which i placed in the DFX+ directory, but that doesn't help me..

Any ideas? Pleas for help via email to eyeon have gotten no response.....

12-18-2003, 03:50 PM
eyeon tech support finally came through.

When we purchased the LW8/DFX+ upgrade, the DFX+ that we got was looking for a LW dongle, but we have a LW that is dongled to the VT card, not a LW USB dongle.

eyeon sent an updated liscensing file for the VT card, and away we go.

I'm posting this in case someone else will run into this issue: If you have a LW that is "dongled" to the VT card, and purchased the LW8/DFX+ upgrade for it, then you need to request a new license for DFX+ that is "dongled" to the VT card rather than a USB LW dongle...

01-04-2004, 02:53 AM
Yep, I have the same problem.

But I have others that may or may not be related to licence.

Did your DFX release the Toaster after you were done with it?

Mine starts (DFX)and shows the splash screen on my TV monitor, but never shows and video (locked on splash screen).
Then when I get out of DFX, the VT won't work (no video, no sound, but I see the toaster working and the sound meters working), so I have to reboot to release the VT so it will work.

01-06-2004, 11:10 AM
Taji, did you buy your DFX+/LW upgrade as an upgrade to the LightWave 7.5 included with VT[3]? As far as I'm aware no upgrade deal has been announced for VT[3] users :confused:

01-18-2004, 12:14 PM

I believe that yes, we bought the upgrade for our LW standalone, which is what made everything confusing to me.

I got a registration for a VT card key partially because I lacked a USB hub and didn't have enough USB connectors. I probably should have gotten a liscense for the LW USB dongle in case we want to move LW to another workstation, especially in light of what I hear are feature deficiencies in the VT[3] version of LW. I guess I'll have to contact eyeon again.


BTW, I'm starting to go through the DF4 tutorials/courseware, and am really starting to like the DFX+ interface.

We are considering using the Algolith plugins for Digital Fusion for upconversion of SD to HD. The "A/B" interface in DF is superior to After Effects in being able to compare "before and after" image quality.