View Full Version : Making Progress to Moving LW3DG Forums Over to lightwave3d.com?

04-18-2016, 11:08 PM
What with the recent addition of NDI and all of the other forum sections sequentially rising above all of the LightWave 3D forums (the only odd remaining exceptions being SpeedEDIT and Other Products) are we finally going to be released to live on the domain where it does make sense? Further, why is this move taking so long? Color me confused....

04-19-2016, 09:25 AM
yeah..itīs getting more like a graffiti board ..a bit too cluttered now for my taste anyway.
still old sections that could be completely removed or re arranged.

Imagine this...One main section called Lightwave3d and everything regarding this in such section, if itīs gonna live in these multiforums with other newtek things...then I think it would be better if they were in One single main section if possible, I talk about the lw community, lw general support, lw tips and tricks etc..

That would be a 3 section level of folders/sections..but it would be easier to follow I think.

But if all lw related content were to be moved to a forum on lightwave3d.com as you say..that wouldnīt be necessary and the sections can remain in essential the same way as it is now..since all other stuff will not follow.

I think they have too much to work with right now with the upcoming release, and I would suspect they might start doing something after that release..thatīs what I suspect anyway

04-19-2016, 04:26 PM
Granted, but the persons who would do the forum move aren't those who would be writing code. At least they shouldn't be. If there's a possibility that the archive sections will be waxed, I suppose that I should save off some of my pages in there. Even with the new PBR, there is a wealth of knowledge in the 9.x and Beta forums that would still be relevant.