View Full Version : Is this the smallest feature request ever?!!!

04-17-2016, 10:37 AM
The ground plane in the Layout view has -x/+x and -z/+z symbols for ease of knowing the orientation of your scene.
The size of these symbols have always been quite small and it would be great if these symbols could be made larger.
Better still to have the option in default setting to set the start up/prefered size with a scale setting.
This would give people a choice of size and help the older generation of lightwave uses, who,s eye sight is not so
good, and may be appreciated by the rest of the LW community as well.

04-17-2016, 11:45 AM
Mayyyyyyybe the smallest. But I've asked similar stuff about those symbols. For instance ( #aflw) ;

IIRC they can go offscreen at certain rotations of the perspective window. I'd like them to be 'clamped' to the edge if that happens;
they can disappear if the mesh is dense enough. Non-optimal: a contrasting border should be applied around them.
an option for a Y axis would be welcome too.

Without a background gradient it's easy to get lost/disoriented in the LW 3d world, so having the tools we DO have work as well as possible is important.