View Full Version : Merge bones, with Split Bones making a quest appearence | dox shortfall

04-08-2016, 02:30 PM
I'm not grokking the UI for "Merge Bones" -- a little red box appears with a line, but it doesn't seem to be responding to any mouse actions.

I'm sure it's pilot error, but what are the steps?

p552 has no information (zero) about mouse usage with this Tool, and seems to treat it more like a command, in that the text seems to say that simply selecting the bones and hitting MERGE BONES would make it happen. If it were a command, I'm sure that would work, but since it has UI elements I'm pretty sure it's a Tool. --In this case, both bones are already highlighted in the SE

In a related action: I coulda swore that there was a way that SPLIT BONES worked on all the highlighted Bones simultaneously, in fact, last time it happened 'all by itself'. I'd find that convenient again, but this time it seemed to need me to r.click on every bone. Not bad for the small numbers I was dealing with, but a real drag for users with bigger works.

(how DARE this 8 year old post have a corrupt file! Harumph!)

+++ UPDATE: viewable in VLC, but not in whatever W10/FFox defaults to.