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04-05-2016, 05:54 PM
NDI Source AJA is now available.

This uses an AJA Video Device on a Mac to convert SDI/HDMI into an NDI IP Video Stream. So far we have tested Kona3G and io4K, but it should also work the same with other Kona cards, and ioXT

More information at: http://www.sienna-tv.com/ndi/ndi-source-aja.html

Note that due to OSX sandboxing restrictions the AJA version of NDI Source will not be available through the Apple OSX App Store, and will be sold direct from our website.

The other version of NDI Source (which is for BlackMagic Design devices) doesn't have this restriction and will be available in the Mac App store in the next few days.



04-08-2016, 04:14 PM
Hi Folks.

NDI Source (for BlackMagic Design Devices) is now shipping and will be available in the OSX App Store later this morning.

NDI Source uses a BlackMagic Design interface on your Mac to convert SDI/HDMI to NDI. Latency in testing has been very low, 1 or 2 frames typically.
For more information see: http://sienna.tv/ndi

04-09-2016, 06:39 AM
For anyone wanting to test NDI Source prior to purchase, we have created a limited test demo version which can be downloaded now from:

The Demo version inserts video and audio mutes into the NDI Stream but is useful for testing compatibility, performance and latency prior to purchase from the app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ndi-source/id1097524095?ls=1&mt=12

03-13-2017, 10:12 PM
Is there a list of which AJA and Blackmagic devices that will work?

03-14-2017, 06:04 AM
Is there a list of which AJA and Blackmagic devices that will work?

The version of NDI Source in the App store natively supports BMD devices only, using the BMD API. This should give compatibility with All BMD interfaces, and with the lowest latency. We have tested with DeckLink Duo 2, UltraStudio 3D and UltraStudio Mini Recorder, but any of their devices *should* work since its all the same API.

We do have another version of NDI Source, AJA devices which uses the AJA Native SDK - but to date it has not been possible to ship that via the Apple App store for a technical reason related to sandboxing in the AJA API. However, there is a demo version you can try if you are inclined.

Note that this version has not been released and its possible you might find some slight AV Sync mismatch - that is still being worked on.

WebCam for NDI, our latest ingest app uses AVFoundation to interface with devices like WebCams - and this does offer AJA as an input device. However we have found that trying to use the AJA devices via AVFoundation is somewhat challenging - and we often see problems getting a proper image.

So, for now, use the BMD version for simplest results. If you like the NDI Source AJA Demo, please contact us to follow up.
sales @ sienna.tv