View Full Version : Gradient Time Input Parameter bug

12-11-2003, 09:26 AM
Yay, another...

When using Time as the Input Parameter on a gradient and you copy that Layer and then Paste it, it 'forgets' the Input Parameter and sets it to Previous Layer....weird...

*edit* Oh...wait..get's weirder...setting it back from Previous Layer to Time doesn't work either, because than LW asumes it has to use 1 second (25 frames) as the Gradient's End value and scales your entire gradient to fit in that time space (so using a lot of keys on places like frame 259 and 315 get set to 16.842 and 20.455...)

This offcourse is only when using a spot where Time is a viable Input Parameter (like HyperVoxels) and it can even be avoided by doing all your editing, then setting the End frame of the Gradient back to 25 (or 30, not sure what NTSC does) and do a Copy then, that way it works as it Pastes it back with the bug at 25 frames, and all goes well....


oh, btw:

running LW 7.5a (have to stay compatible with the Macs so i'm not sure if this has been fixed in the latest release (7.5c), sorry)
dual Xeon 2.8
2 Gig mem
600Gb U-SCSI320 RAID