View Full Version : Best multiplayer game which supports LW created stuff

3d user
12-11-2003, 09:22 AM
Id like create objects and levels for a game with LightWave (7.5c).
This is to show my kids how 3d modelling can be fun and not only boring "work".

Which game I should look into? I used LW to create a nice but simple 700 polygon version of our home. I then exported it to Unreal Tournament level so my kids could play there. Unfortunately the UnrealEd level creation has problems with high polygon count. All sorts of "holes" or BSP errors result at random places.

Can anyone point out a better game?

What I'd like in the game:
- you can create new levels
- it's a first-person-shooter
- it's multiplayer
- game engine level designer is robust