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04-05-2016, 08:37 AM
As you can see, we have added a new forum category for discussions related to NDI and NDI tools. Here's a little information on how we anticipate these serving your interests:

The first forum, "Announcements", is primarily intended for the use of developers announcing new NDI-enabled products (or major updates) and the like, or announcements about the SDK. We don't want our forum members to be spammed, so please exercise discretion in how often you post in this section (i.e., please don't fabricate reasons to post here that are little more than an excuse to 'bump' a thread) - thanks. Posts that are deemed inappropriate or 'excessive' will be moderated without discussion.

The next one is "User Discussions". Conversations here can range widely, from 'Hey, here's a cool NDI workflow tip' to questions about specific tools, and the like. Anyone - user or developer - can post here. Broadly speaking, support matters relating to third party NDI tools would be better handled by communicating directly with the developer, but we'll be pretty liberal in this respect.

The last forum is labeled "NDI Developer Zone", and is reserved for those who are authorized NDI developers. We would ask others to engage with developers in the "USer Discussions" forum rather than here. Please note that it is expected that conversations in this forum will be constructive, rather than competitive.