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12-11-2003, 01:19 AM
This list doesn't contain all the biggies we all want but is an eclectic list of some small (and not so small) changes I would like to see in no particular order:

1. Ability to sort Spreadsheet by column, which is pretty much the defintion of a spreadsheet...

2. Ability to access 'properties' screen from a right click on a clip on the timeline and ability to re-associate that individual clip from there (like in the spreadsheet)

3. Make your In-Time the real In-Time when using DVE's. For example, if you choose 10:01:14 as your In-Time and use a 20 frame Dissolve, your actual In-Time will be 10:01:04. If you set your TC right after a cut, then applied the Dissolve you will see frames before the cut! Not right at all! In-Time should NOT be 10 frames (or 20 or 30 etc. depending on your Diss length) before what you set, no matter your theories on how an edit should be set up.

3. AES Out on the SDI card

4. Keyboard remapping feature including macros

5. F8 Edit screen when in DDR

6. Default for dragging the IN or OUT of stills to be the same as clips! I.E. NOT STRETCH. 99% of the time you don't want stretch, so you have to constantly be holding down ALT, it should be the other way around.

7. Zoom Tool in Control Tree Spline Editor like LW or Photoshop- i.e. - magnifying glass icon you drag a boxed area to zoom to.

8. Return of the Fade In/Out settings by length (like VT2) in F8 panel or better yet at the bottom of the Timeline

9. Clean up of Cache files after a crash or re-launch

10. Default easy to recall preset spline setting, NOT in Toolshed but right in Control Tree.

11. Related to the above- Ability to set influence value or have it snap to line up with Node. Most of the time you are dragging an influence to the exact setting of its associated Node (creating the 'sinewave' for smoothness) so make it easier or give it snap ability.

12. Return the Snap distance setting in Preferences

13. Make the Green Light accurate

14. Remove the Error message regarding resetting modules after a crash. It gets very annoying. Maybe make a Shift Lauch VT the reset mode otherwise NO reset by default.

15. Make the DVE Icons smaller (3/4's) than the layer or clip you are on, so you can see where your clip's IN or OUT is and be able to click on it to drag.

16. Make any clip or still that has an embedded Alpha "Overlay On" by default!

17. Make K play ONLY, not a toggle

18. Make Shift-K shortcut for 2X speed

19. Make Ctrl-K shortcut for Reverse play

20. Make Ctrl-Shift-K shortcut for 2X Reverse speed

21. Fix or bring back ability to TAB between Fields in Batch Capture

22. Don't lose config changes when you crash. Currently, you will lose any new Hotkey entries, User Splines, Module configurations and size, Recent Projects, Folder settings, etc. after a crash.

23. Make click and drag re-size in CG maintain aspect by default or add modifier key to do it (shift, alt, or ctrl)

24. Add constraining to H or V modifier key when dragging in CG

25. Bring back Pan/Zoom display of CG module, allowing canvas to be zoomed down to allow larger than the screen size view (like the Positioner)

26. Ability to Drag DVE on timeline with clips' In/Out dragging with it to keep the transistion valid only at a new location

27. Ability to set CG default background color or show checkerboard like PS or Aura

28. Ability to click on markers in a clip and drag off the clip up or down to discard it

29. Ability to set Switcher inputs and then lock them so they stay the same and in the order you set - oh, say... forever or until you want to change it.

30. Switcher skin with more than 8 computer generated sources at once

I think 30 is enough for now... Comments, work-arounds and corrections welcome!

12-11-2003, 01:45 AM
"17. Make K play ONLY, not a toggle "

Can I make a suggestion on this one?

It would be nice to have "J-K-L" control of the selected clip or timeline. Many NLEs have this as a shortcut on the keyboard.

J = Play full speed Reverse

K= Stop or Pause clip / timeline

L = Play full speed Forward

You can position your middle finder over "K" and then use index and ring finger over "J" and "L". Now you can move forward, back or stop with one keystroke.

Then again, if we can re-map shortcuts on the keyboard, we won't have to worry about it being an INCLUDED shortcut (hint hint)



12-11-2003, 01:56 AM
Originally posted by MediaSig
It would be nice to have "J-K-L" control of the selected clip or timeline. Many NLEs have this as a shortcut on the keyboard.

? Greg, not following... Is this not the behavior now?

As far as K not being a toggle, I like keys to do the same every time you hit them, like on a dedicated edit controller. Modifiers yes, but not toggles, except maybe the spacebar, that one should stay of course.

Not a big fan of the J and L keys ramping up speed with each press. Pretty useless and annoying. Shift J or L goes to FF or REW but it should be the other way around: J - REW, L - FF, Shift+J or L Shuttle Ramps up speed.

12-11-2003, 06:46 AM
I send theses to [email protected] yesterday.


That would improve tremendously TED’s workflow.

1- Shortcut to "fade in" to timebar, "fade out" from timebar the selected clip.

2- Shortcut to move selected "clip’s in point" to time bar.

3- Group-ungroup selected clips (grouped clips moves together when moving one of them, like linked layers in Photoshop (kind of a “select one, select all buddies” function.)

4- Shortcut to jump back and forth to "in point", "out point", intersection of clips.
Like how we jump now from marker to marker.

5- Shortcut to ripple subsequent clip when moving one (Ex- “shift” when moving a clip. Sort of a “Follow me guys” shortcut).

Theses would be cool.

6- In “no ripple mode”, please, when pressing “i” for in point, could the clip stay where it is.

7- Wheel mouse button to navigate in timeline like hand tool in Photoshop

8- Wheel mouse up-down for zoom in-out at time bar position in timeline window.

9- Shortcut to select the first clip, under timebar position

10- The Shift-left click “almost” anywhere in timeline for scrubbing is great but why not on clips.

11- Shortcut to "mute (grey)" selected clip (video and audio independently)

Other minor suggestions :

12- A tree view in the file bin like explorer

13- Possibility to disable "Snap to time increments”

14- Could you add a function in the toolshed to move “selected clip’s and grouped clip’s in point” at specific integer number TC.

(Like the element’s tape, post-production and cg companies send at TV channels, for graphic packages for example.)

Ex : place every 10 sec, àà00.00.30.00à.

And jump to the next integer number if previous clip’s out too close to it.

Ex : Previous out :, Next in @

I hope u see what I mean…J

15- Numpad 4-6 to move a clip one frame to the left-right, 8-2 to move a clip one track up-down.

16- Shortcut to refresh clip(s). (take a look if the file is a new version with the same name)


I already talked about some of them in some threads, at vt2 times, but refreshing memories can't be bad.


12-11-2003, 09:55 AM

The current arrangement on the TeD Keyboard is J-K-L but the functions aren't the same.

Like to you mentioned, pressing J or L will give you a SHUTTLED speed in either directions, but it takes THREE (or Four) hits to get it to 30FPS in either direction.

What I'm talking about is hit L and you are playing at 30FPS forward IMMEDIATELY. Hit K and you stop IMMEDIATELY. Hit J and you are playing at 30FPS backward IMMEDIATELY. Etc...etc...

Yes...they are not toggles, but definite keystrokes that do just what they do.

Is this a little more clear?


12-11-2003, 10:10 AM
Originally posted by MediaSig
Yes...they are not toggles, but definite keystrokes that do just what they do.

I had just re-read today what you posted and realized what you were saying. It was real late last night....

I agree with you. Of course you can do all this shortcut customizing easily in ToasterScript (search for a couple of posts where I show some examples) but I would like to see it part of the default code. I now have about 30 custom keystrokes...

12-11-2003, 10:27 AM
Jean Huot,

Great list, I love every single suggestion! 1 thru 6 would be awesome, and 15, 16 are sweet. FYI, 15 can be done now with ALT+Arrow

12-11-2003, 10:46 AM

I LOVE That photo in your ID.

Looks like you (or whoever) is having a LOT of FUN!



12-11-2003, 11:50 PM
LOL! I sometimes refer to Jean as the "French Welder Guy" but I actually have no idea what is really happening in there...

12-13-2003, 04:34 AM
Yep, it's me on the pic =)

it's part of a larger photo describing the role of all our crew, here, at "ombres production"


12-13-2003, 08:33 AM
These are all sweet suggestions.


You can already do number 6 in a way. It's called subprojects.

Just select the clips you want to group and put them as a subproject. when you want to ungroup then expand.

12-13-2003, 10:54 AM
I've worked with a NLE wich has this group function, that's why I can't imagine working without it. ;)

believe me, this is far more effective, intuitive, fast than handling subprojects.
If I want to move two clips at a time, I multiselect them, i'm not making a subroject then moving the subproject. think of it like an saved automatic multiselection.