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03-14-2016, 01:51 PM
Suppose you decide to become schmart and reduce a bunch of identical objects to a set of POINTS for placement via instancing?

Is there a good methodology to select a point indicative of where you want an instance to appear, off of a complicated object?

In this case I stupidly just duplicated in LWM a bunch of heads, and now want to pick a point in each head that will define where the instance goes. WHILE I'm only dealing with ten objects, I think it might be good to have a methodolgy in case the same situation arises with hundred or thousands of objects.

My first attempt will be using SELECT N PATTERN, I'll let you know.


03-14-2016, 02:08 PM
(perhaps the dox cover this, but FWIW: )
OK, easy progress, but the details ...

By selecting the entire head, it's easy to see how many points each has (1226). By selecting the desired point and using the INFO window, I can see the index # for the desired destination point (#1218).

I thought that by entering the index number into the OFFSET field of SELECT N PATTERN I'd select that point, and then the next 1226th point. While the Pattern works fine, i.e. one point is selected in each head, getting the correct point to be selected is not so straightforward. The points selected seemed rather scattershot. EDIT: and then..........

SUCCESS!: Rather RANDOMLY, I entered "-1218" into the offset field, and noted that point #1219 got selected. Assuming the usual computer science "g**d*** zero" situation, I entered "-1217" and that selected the point I wanted, and the 1226 offset worked perfectly.

A reminder that in LW, it's sometimes very interesting to try out a negative number in a way that seems to make little sense.

03-14-2016, 02:29 PM