View Full Version : Adding 3D objects to Live Video using AE (scene orientation)

03-04-2016, 03:22 AM
Something completely new to me is placing 3D content into a live video.
So I have been searching for some tuts like this one :

And If I try this myself it turns out ok.
I manage to get 3D tracking camera and Null(s) in LW
Load the live video as background and the Null stays nicely at the same location in my Live video.

But the rotation of the Null is totally off, So if I import an object to place in my video background the rotation is totally off
(Even if I select a plane between 3 points in AE that correspond fairly well to the video groundplane and export that as Camera and Null)
LW groundplane just doesn't correspond to video world groundplane

Is there any way to match LW orientation to AE?