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03-01-2016, 03:38 PM
1.What is a good basic rigging tutorial using IK, The Simpler the better? I've never felt confident with IK and I'm trying to find out what my problem is. Here are some things I'm unsure of
a.What is the preferred way when setting up bones -Modeler or Layout? When I use layout the tip move tool doesn't work,only lines move(check pic). What's wrong.
b.In the practice model, I set up bones for one leg. I have a perpendicular root bone. Is this necessary for IK? What I really don't understand is when I have a full skeleton what constitutes the base for IK. Is it the first bone created? When I set up nulls and goals for the ankles, wrists etc how does lightwave know what is the anchor for each of these? Do I determine what bones are used in each IK chain? With a full skeleton I don't know how IK finds the anchor bone in an arm set as opposed to a leg set up. I hope I'm being clear?
c.Do you need more subdivisions for a good animation?
Thanks in Advance

03-01-2016, 03:56 PM
The position of your root bone is wrong (nothing has a pivot point outside of itself), and yes, you need more subdivisions... a good few more.

As for how IK works...