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12-10-2003, 02:39 PM
I did a search for wires, to try to answer a question I have, and came up with every thread that contained the word "wireframe" ..lol

Anyway, maybe someone can give me a pointer.

I created a robotic arm, let's say.. a bottom half and a top half. Both are different models... but connect together at the "elbow"

Everything is going good, except I have become stumped on how to attach a wire between the 2. I mean, I can do that, but when I animate the scene, I need to somehow anchor each end of the wire to the 2 different "arm parts" I am trying to achive the effect of the wire moving/stretching with the arm.

The wires is a seperate object, as is the 2 arm parts. Is this the wrong approach?

Each section has it's own pivot point, and the wire is basically attached in the centre of each arm, so you can see... when it extends, the wire is supposed to move as well.

Should I create a small polygon (mini-box) where the wire would attach, and parent the poly to the arm, and the wire to the mini-box? I am not quite sure on how to tackle this issue.

Any insight on how to achieve this effect?


12-10-2003, 03:35 PM
Check here: