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02-28-2016, 02:56 PM
Today it was 30 years ago, when the Swedish Prime minister was murdered in stockholm.
The investigation is still ongoing..and is said to be the largest criminal investigation in the world at this current time.

I havenīt seen any full 3d animation made to reconstruct the murder, there is a lot of filmed reconstructions, and some 3d has been made to showcase stills, but from what I can see..no decent animation.
I have had in my mind that it would be interesting to do myself, but never gotten around to try it..would probably take too much time for me.

I recall my father being very upset...and saying..bloody pigs, id..ts etc..when that happen, he also called in to the police central offering his services, at that time..my father was a criminal inspector in the police economic crime section, but previously he was acting as a criminal inspector in the homocide section, the police central declined his offerings..saying it wasnīt necessary to come in and work on it, my father then later found out... that his whole section in the economic section was actually called in..but not my father though...maybe because he was part time pension or something..or something else, weird though..since he was in charge of the homocide section some years before that..and his knowledge should have been utilized, and if one sum it up..the police actions rigth after the murder was a mess.

Hereīs a little reconstruct in 3d (not by me) it is stills, but with viewpoints and some crucial witnesses marked, you can click on the nubmers and see what happened..what person was there etc, and thereīs a description on the witness, person etc..but in swedish, so you would have to translate the text...

Graphics by Paul Wallander..


wiki information about different traces..conspiracy etc..


02-28-2016, 03:31 PM
it's sad they never caught the guy, reminds me a bit of the Kennedy murder

there was also the Anna Lindh case (2003)

in modern times, surveillance cameras could, not prevent, but possibly solve many cases,
that raise the question though, is more surveillance worth it...

02-28-2016, 05:01 PM
it's sad they never caught the guy, reminds me a bit of the Kennedy murder

there was also the Anna Lindh case (2003)

in modern times, surveillance cameras could, not prevent, but possibly solve many cases,
that raise the question though, is more surveillance worth it...

yes..Anna Lind was in the baking to take over from Göran Person as a prime minister, and she was very popular, so one could speculate in conspiracy theories, that some forces are getting rid of important social democrats ect, then again..they could be completly unconnected.
In Anna Linds case one is convicted and with a motive that just seems like maniac or seriously disturbed, and that is what is also believed to be the case with palme in many peoples eyes.

There was a surveillance camera at the crime scene of palme, but at that time it was not able to record anything to a hard drive.

There was another possible murder one year later, could be suicide too, where the swedish naval officer and war material inspector, Carl Algernon was killed when hit by a train in a subway, some rumours says that witness saw him being pushed, but investigation was closed, with the conclusion it could have been an accident or suicide.

At that time there was a scandal of the swedish arms manufacturere Bofors was smuggling arms, and some of that may have had connections to bulvans operating for the account of a group (october surprise)in the bush reagan administration and iran contras, irangate...that was hinted in a book by a journalist that also previously worked fo the reagan/bush administration (Barbara Hoenecker)
So that is one heck of a conspiract theory.

There was a lot of hate towards palme though, a week before the murder..he had a meeting with Anc and worked against apartheid, and the swedish government was secretly fonding the struggle against apartheid, I also think he was planned to go to russia, but got killed just before that..not sure..but I think russia was financing that struggle too with the help of sweden.
Then south african leader de clerk has stated that he knew that a former collegue in the south african forces was responsible for it, but the swedish investigations could not find anything backing that up, I think there are some indications towards one of those guys in the south african special teams, was in fact in sweden at the time of the killing of palme.

I also recall naval officers in sweden in tv news saying straight out that Palme was selling out sweden to russia or something like that, just before he got killed.

Some threads might lead to extremist police members who had extreme hate for him, and rumours is that one of them now sits as a member of the right wing parties, a connection is that he was in a pistol shooting association.. where another member was one of the officers in the police command center that actually took the initial alarm calls when the murder took place, that guy did some serious mistakes not following proper protocols.

the christer petterson alcoholic, I donīt believe on that, the wife of olof palme couldnīt describe his signature or give a description to the police to draw a sketch from ..instead it was another witness that they based it upon..so why not the wife who is so certain it was christer petterson? at the confrontation, the police also mislead it all ..by saying to the wife...we are looking for a drug addict, upon the wife says...one can clearly see who is an addict, then pointing out christer petterson.

christer petterson has done some admitions, he said he could have been shooting palme, but he was out for a drug dealer and mistakingly took the wrong person...
well ..it all stinks, christer petterson led a miserable life, he was an amateur actor, personally I just think he wanted the fame around it...especially since he was home free from the murder..and the court came to the conclusion that he was not guilty of the murder.

My father had his own theories, where a large diamond company might have had something to do with it, at that time my father investigated that company..and there was judges, parlament members who had bought in to convertibles and the company was about to become bankrupt, my father was called to a meeting with that company the day before palme was shot...whe wrote a book (never released) about that...but I personally do not agree with my father or believe those are responsible for it...but who knows, it was about a substancial amount of money...but the connection to that the governement was about to reveal this scandal..well I donīt think so.

Sadly to autopsy report i still classified, and the wife of Palme do not reveal Olof Palmeīs diary books, she says there is nothing in there that would help any investigation..and for here the case is closed, namely that it was christer petterson ..the alcoholic.

christer petterson died from concusion I think, but just before that he was arrested by the police and beaten...I am not quite sure what happened there.

There are more people who have died, a few more who got killed, and some folks involved in strange accidents...which makes it all very strange and a growth ground for many conspiracy theories.

If anyone has a tip that eventually leads to the solving of the murder of Olof Palme, there is a reward of 5884568 usd

02-28-2016, 11:15 PM
Weird, if you watched the oscars gala this evening, the category best makeup, one of the films nominated was a swedish film called "The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared " and in the presentation one can see the actor Robert Gustafsson and his face when he is transformed to the 100 year old, that actor was on the same movie salong as palme, and he happened to touch/poke on palme ..just before palme went out from the saloon and just before palme was murdered, I think he said he just wanted to have touched him...at that time Robert Gustafsson was only a theatre student, now he is one of our most beloved comedy actors.

02-29-2016, 10:39 AM
He was good man and progressive politic.

02-29-2016, 02:30 PM
He was good man and progressive politic.

Thought so too..extremly intelligent, no one really could match him in agitating or in debates, he could also be perceived as arrogant, but I think that mostly was due to him being very sharp in debates and when people attacked the social democratic party, but he mentioned things as they were to be named..he got in trouble for it in terms of a lot of hatred against him..heck the youth political party of the next largest party (the moderates) they were at that time throwing a doll around on stage stamping on it ..the doll was supposed to resemble Olof palme, and they also had dart boards with his face on it.

Palme also made some famous criticism against the vietnam war ..and especially the Hanoi bombings which caused a lot of civilian casualties, so at that time he wasnīt popular exactly in the USA.in fact I think the relations between Sweden and the USA became frozen several decades after that, but now is back to normal.

back to 3d related stuff in terms of reconstruction, I am very doubtful such project would do any further help to the investigation. two bullets are found..maybe witnesses can be described better and the time and the corresponding relation showing where all witnesses should have been at a specific time.

I am not quite sure, but I think palme declined to have security around them that night, it was a different climate then, and especially in sweden we could not think of anything like this happen..until it did...Then I saw somewhere that his son said they indeed tried to get hold of security, but they could not get hold of them, I am unsure of this.
Itīs not like the JFK murder where you could see the murder in daylight and it was also filmed from some angles, I havenīt seen the reconstruction which I believe was actually made with the help of Lightwave.

Back..to the palme murder, it was late at night, and the murder could vanish amongst crowds or in a subway easy, since now one knew anything about it until several hours after the murder, and the police only shut down the closest area next to the murder place..which is is very lousy police work.

Some witnesses independent of each other ...mentions that they saw several people with walkie talkies around that area at that time, which of course may be indicating towards a murder being planned out carefully by a group.

Personally I am starting to think that maybe south african agents and palmes involvement in aiding the struggle against apartheid, is fact what is behind the murder, thereīs been private investigations where some documents is said to be found in southafrica ..where palme is targeted to be eliminated, and that they had a special group in stockholm at that time, and there has been some indications that one of the hitman agents from southafrica has been seen in the airport the day after the murder.