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02-26-2016, 01:52 PM
Hi all.

We're reevaluating how we transition to replays in our broadcasts, so I wanted to check in with the forum to see what people like/don't like about different transition methods, and if there are other options out there that we're not considering.

Here's the setup:
Shot 1: Live camera with score bug (NET1).
Shot 2: Replay with sponsor bug (BFR)
Wipe: Custom replay wipe

How do I get from Shot 1 to Shot 2 in the most clean and efficient way?

Option A - Shot 1 is: Input 1 + DSK1. Shot 2 is: M/E-1 (Replay Input + Key1). Put BACKGROUND+DSK1 in the Transition Delegate, assign the custom wipe, and press auto.
Option B - Shot 1 is: M/E-1 (Input 1+Key1). Shot 2 is: M/E 4 (Replay Input + Key1). Put BACKGROUND in the Transition Delegate, assign the custom wipe, and press auto.
Option C - Shot 1 is: Input 1 + DSK1. Shot 2 is: DSK3 (M/E-1 - which is Replay Input + Key1). Put DSK3 in the Transition Delegate, assign the custom wipe, and press auto.

We're looking for something that easy to do, looks clean (all elements transition on/off at the same time), and works in many different scenarios (back-to-back replays, etc.).

What do people here like/don't like about each method, and what do you usually use?

Thanks for the help!


02-26-2016, 02:22 PM
We're using TC8000, 860, 460 and MiniSDI. All AE. All used for sports broadcasts.

02-26-2016, 06:11 PM
I tend to do either option A or B, primarily B. Except I use Dhomas' Master Control system to set me up for it. I don't usually do Option C since that can be confusing, but I can see why that might be appealing. It would just bug me that it would obscure my PGM and PVW monitors with the replay video.

I usually go M/E to M/E so that I don't have to worry about keyer settings at all and I get cleanly from composite to composite. For multi-source replay I either pre-set the replay M/E with a BKGD dissolve to the second replay source inside the M/E or I setup two M/Es (usually M/E7 & M/E8) as the two replay sources. Then I can just hit the FADE button and dissolve between the M/Es in PGM/PVW.

Typically, I punch cameras in M/E6 with the score bug in Key 2. If the score bug will violate lower thirds and I can't have them at the same time, I'll punch direct to the camera on PGM with the lower third in a DSK and then punch or fade back to M/E6. If the bug and lower third work together and can key at the same time, I add them in the M/E using Key 1. If I'm doing that, I leave the M/E setup to transition with BKGD+KEY1 so that I can take to cameras with a font.

If I have to do a clean feed, that all goes out the window and I do option A. That keeps the bug off the clean feed but I have to live with whatever transition I have available to wipe the score bug off when I go to the replay source.


02-29-2016, 04:10 PM
I rarely use M/Es for replays. I prefer building macros using the DSKs especially since on AE we have 4 of them now. This way if replay bugs are animated you can always have them perfectly consistent. It also removes any chance of operator error.

03-01-2016, 09:08 AM
Option A most of the time for our productions. Sometimes B but mostly A. ME7 and ME8 are Replay Red and Blue. Though just recently the guys did a shoot with a 460 and AE. Wrote macros to assist the built in instant replay capabilities, all went really well. Used an Xkeys stick for triggering the macros. Nice compact setup.

We ran into the clean feed issue too Kris, had to completely re-write our many macros and lose some common functionality to be able to gracefully send PGM to Output2 while at the same time punching the show to live uplink on Output1. Output 2 could not be branded the same due to one feed went to in house LED video walls sponsored by someone else. After quite a bit of head scratching, we made something work but changing a workflow we have all been used to for many years was a real pain. Switching a show on an ME is just clunky. Thankfully the macros made it somewhat possible. There was still too many times mistakes were made. It would be so much simpler to just have the PGM mix (output1) route back into an ME. (without having to do the old hardware patch into an unused input)

03-17-2016, 07:55 AM
Thanks everyone for the info. This was very helpful.


03-17-2016, 08:18 AM
Imry, just curious if you made in changes to the way you get in and out of replays?

03-17-2016, 08:45 AM
We have two types of shows:

Hockey/Football/Lacrosse (Full program feed to TV/stream, clean program feed to venue video board)
For these events, we didn't really have choice. We couldn't use replays inside a DSK source, since that won't show up in the clean feed.
We also couldn't use M/Es (cam + score bug) to switch cameras, because then the score bug would appear on the clean feed, which goes to video boards.
So we stayed with OPTION A - using cams + DSK for live cameras, and an M/E for replay. We've created a macros that gets rid of the DSK as part of the cam transition in a quick manner.

What we are looking to do is use the same (custom) transition for both the background layer and the DSK. The problem is that we have a different wipe for REPLAY-IN and a different wipe for REPLAY-OUT. The background layer can play those out straight, but the DSK layer ping-pongs the transitions (with no option to turn that off). So we'll have to create a reverse REPLAY-OUT transition for the DSK, to make sure that the DSK and BACKGROUND transitions match.

Basketball/Soccer/Baseball (Full program feed to TV/stream - no video boards)
We'll probably move to OPTION B - switching between M/Es, that already have the cameras and score bugs within them.

I hope that makes sense.