View Full Version : Combining clips

02-22-2016, 10:54 AM
The DDR of TriCaster AE has the opportunity to split clips, but I would like to get the reverse, ie the ability to combine two or more clips into one. The need is related to the media publishing of TriCaster.

Often, I will take same clip from more than one angle of view, which I want to publish or export as a single video.
Similarly when I take a clip for example 2 minutes, which I split to say 5 clips to remove 2 unnecessary parts and then I want to publish the remaining clips as a single clip (for example 30 seconds).

So it would be nice if you could combine clips either in a DDR or in the publish bin prior to their publication.

Now if I want to do this I need to play those clips and record it to get one clip. This is often possible only after the show or event and I would like to publish during the show/event.