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02-22-2016, 10:40 AM
Safe Harbor Computers is proud to announce the RPM-4 (http://www.sharbor.com/rpm-4-instant-replay-controller.html), our latest addition to the RPM (Replay Pro Macro) family of instant replay controllers for TriCaster. REQUIRES AE Software Upgrade.


RPM-4 puts replay control of up to 4 video sources at your fingertips! Mark clips for instant replay with one-button ease from any of 4 live sources being recorded in your TriCaster*. One press of the RPM key then initiates a fully-automated instant replay sequence including animated broadcast transitions and slow-motion playback.

Adjustable Clip Length
Default replay clip length is set by the user. Replay recording is constant, so extra material is always available. Easily add time to the beginning or end of captured replay clips in 1 and 5-second increments. Clip thumbnails auto-update to show you the new IN-point of your replay. Or, manually adjust clips with the jog/shuttle and mark new IN and OUT points as desired.

Multi-Speed Bi-Directional Playback
The default replay speed is user-adjustable. During replay, the tactile shuttle ring provides optional manual control with 7 speeds both forward and reverse, while the jog dial puts precise frame-by-frame control at your fingertip! 4 Slow buttons shift playback speed to one of your custom slow-motion presets, or Play at normal speed.

Multi-Angle Replay
Each replay clip you create is available in up to 3 alternate angles with the touch of a button, even mid-replay (new angle starts from beginning).

Clone, Remove, Update Thumb
Clip Bin management tools allow you to duplicate clips, then change angles or duration of the copies, delete unused clips, and customize thumbnail frames. Great for assembling highlight reels!

DSK Delegate Controls
Convenient controls provided to customize titling behavior for replays. For example, scores can be removed during replay, then return again with live video, automatically. Set your preference and verify result on Preview display prior to replay to eliminate mistakes and simplify operations.

9-Position Zoom Control
Close-ups of any portion of the replay screen are readily available during replay with one-button ease. Momentary switches take the viewer in for a closer look, even during slow-motion or freeze frame. Great for scoring and foul reviews, or to analyze an amazing play in detail. Two user-definable zoom ranges available.

User Macros
Create your own TriCaster Macros for any purpose and assign them to the 3 user macro keys provided. Bring up unique graphics or animations, run a commercial, grab a still, play a sound, label a clip - the possibilities are endless!

Customizable Panel Backlighting
Adjust the red and blue LED backlighting in 10-steps per color. Choose all red, all blue, or mix the two - it's up to you - or turn the lights off. You're in control of the look in any working environment.

45 keys are grouped according to function to provide optimum usability. Commonly used keys are double-wide or tall to avoid finger flubs. Color coding and bold lettering provide good visual reference. Angled feet tilt the interface towards the operator, improving view, user access, and comfort. The spring-loaded shuttle ring features finger notches to eliminate slips.

Sturdy Design
RPM-4 has a heavy base with non-slip feet, providing a solid foundation for your replay programming. The RPM-4 is built for industrial use, with a one-year warranty included.


Dimensions: 8.25in x 7.25in x 1.0in
Weight: 26 oz.
55in USB 2.0 cable


TriCaster Mini, 410, 460, 860, 8000 with AE software option installed - TriCaster Advanced Edition software is mandatory - will not work without AE installed!

One available USB 2.0/3.0 port on TriCaster

Replay clips use DDR2, which should be dedicated to replays only.

Record format for replays must be QuickTime (.mov)

Zoom function uses M/E 4 input channel. Zoom macros can be disabled if you desire.

RPM Macro software sent electronically, must import into TriCaster Macro Configuration

* A single TriCaster hard drive can record 2 channels of video, providing 2 replay channels. A fast second drive (internal or external) is required to record channels 3 and 4. As always, be sure to have plenty of space available on your hard drives for the duration of the event you plan to capture. RPM-4 does not offer video storage. If using 4 camera sources for replays, users of 4-input TriCasters may wish to connect an external recorder to record Program video output.

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Nice work Jeff.