View Full Version : Textures showed in Layout but not rendered

12-10-2003, 11:18 AM
Good evening all.

Im working on a plugin that imports object (polymeshes) from other
packages. In order to do so, my plugins first generates an LWO file
for each object in my scene.

However I have found that when I import an object(read create the
LWO to add in LW) the textures are visible in Layout but they are
not when I render any frame.

Ive found a workaround as to go in the Surface Editor, press the T
next to the color. Remove the texture then add it again. Then i
would have textures in my render. However this method is not
acceptable for what I want to do.

Also, I have checked and when Im writing the LWO file there is a
flag (ENAB) in the block headers wich I set to true. I tough it was
the only thing I have to do?

What am I doing wrong? Anyone had this problem ?


12-12-2003, 05:10 AM
I've sometimes had this problem when converting models from Max via motion builder fbx format.

It seems that the layer opacity setting in the surface texture gets to 0% in the conversion process. If you turn this back up to 100% everything is fine...

hope this helps..