View Full Version : the texture options in modeler interferes too much with other tools.

02-13-2016, 07:30 PM
I was about to bend an item with the bend tool, only to find out that it all got distorted in wrong ways, so I checked, no..the bend tool has not option setting with the new 2015 feature for using textures, as the size tool has for instance.
So it is weird it should affect the bend tool, I had to go back to the size tools numeric panel and turn it off, then it didnīt interfere with the bend tool.

donīt get me wrong.. think the texture options itīs a nice addition, but not very well implemented, firstly it can not displace on normal direction, secondly..one always have to keep it in mind and turn it off ..or else it will effect the size tool for standard size operations.

sure it may be useful to have as an option in the size and move tools, but I think it would be better if we simply could have a seperate displace tool in modeler, thus avoiding interfering with the other tools, and also a tool to work on the normals direction.

as it stands now, itīs almost equally ..well nice to have, then arghh..annoyance when it gets in your way and interfering with other operations and tools.