View Full Version : Oh fer the love of dawg---DAZ eyelash fix

02-10-2016, 09:55 PM
I knew how to do this. Once. But that part of my brain has been overwritten with episodes of THE FALL (especially the ep where Gillian Anderson kisses Archie Panjabi) and PARKS & RECREATION.

I can get everything else from a DAZ Genesis model that I need but the eyelashes. They're just fricking black caterpillers. I know it has something to do with a clipping mask, but for the life of me I cannot remember. And now I'm pretty sure my eyes are bleeding from reading and trying different things.

I can hear the 3d gods laughing at me. Loudly and repepatedly, which would make a great ringtone if it didn't hurt my feelings so much.

I yield to the collective magnificence.

02-11-2016, 05:12 AM
You may just have to invert the transparency mask. It's been a while since I've tried it so it may not work anymore, but it may be worth a try.

02-11-2016, 12:26 PM
I'm pretty sure that was the first thing I did and when it didn't work, I tried fifty-five million other things leading to my public shaming with my display of dumb.

So I went back to the basics prodded by your suggestion. I added a transparency mask and inverted the color layer with the same mask. Dropped the transparency down so it looked all eyelash-y, and there it was. I don't like it, so that's something else to fix as I refine these models.

Regardless, thanks for the help.