View Full Version : A Letter From CmiVFX to Me

02-08-2016, 05:44 AM
Hi guys,

I purchased some tutorials from there recently and I received a weird email from them summarized as follow,

The programmer liked your id and we want to offer you one year membership for only 100 bucks,

Is it some sort of spam or fraud or sth? Do any of you have the same experience?

02-08-2016, 06:08 AM
I think just want to get as many people on subscription as possible - more reliable income for them.

It feels like they have a sale every 5 minutes, and there's always an 'UPGRADE TO SUBSCRIPTION FOR JUST... ' offer in there.

02-08-2016, 06:53 AM
Guys from CMIVFX are a bit like crazy car sales people, which is not bad thing tho;)