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02-06-2016, 03:43 PM
I have 8 Newtek VS 100 Talkshows on a national ceo tour and have updated the softwares and are set up identically. I have 1 talkshow unit when it calls another (its control room brother or sister) it only shows video at 640 x 360 anamorphic low quality from the studio and my returm is sent to them 1080 sdi camera all good and nice. I know from my other talkshows, all calls generally start like this but get to a proper setting of 1080 x 720 after a few minutes online. 1080 looks great out to my projectors in the live setting but 640 x 360 not so much. I am using camera sdi with mix minus to audio and good returns but can't crack my resolution. even with all my settings all adjsuted correctly and multiple reboots it still display low 640. Also very good internet lines at all venues with LTE modem redunecies. Can anyone help as Newtek support is closed for the weekend and I have a show set up at 5am Monday morning. Thanks rogerseventsds
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02-06-2016, 04:57 PM
I sent out a 'help!' email when I read this, and the first one to reply was Andrew Cross (the President and CTO, no less). Here's his verbatim reply:

This has nothing to do with TalkShow, most likely caused by firewall settings. Even with a fast connection, if the firewall is blocking a P2P connection, it is going to get routed through a relay server and the quality is going to go way down. The short term solution is to put the TalkShow units in the DMZ (i.e. outside all firewalls and filtering) ... long term he has to work out what in his network configuration is causing this issue. I do not have Skype TX in front of me, but I think it tells you how many NAT hops(?) are needed for the connection, this is the cause of all problems.

Hope this helps. I might also mention that NewTek Customer Support is open both Saturday and Sunday, hours shown on the Support links from the main page.

02-06-2016, 05:40 PM
Thanks for this, this will help. I will have my IT dept on my "war room" call in the morning of set up. I also comb my manual for configuration and firewalls on Ip address on the network we are using. But I would love a newtek support person help on a call.

I am in Canada and the outside US is only Monday to Friday with the exception of some other non north American countries, am I wrong about this. even chat is not working, but I am glad I came here.


02-06-2016, 06:55 PM
I am in Canada and the outside US is only Monday to Friday with the exception of some other non north American countries, am I wrong about this.I think you are (wrong). The info on the site, as I read it, just means that if you are calling from outside the US, but from within NA, you can't use the 800 number. So it's a long distance call, but I think Ted's still got a few bucks left, huh? ;)