View Full Version : texture falloff in modeler-normal displacement

01-30-2016, 12:47 PM
the texture falloff function added to some tools is nice, but itīs not as powerful as a simple displacement modifier acting on normal displacement, as I am aware of..the texture falloff isnīt scaling a deformation in a normal direction, it just scales the deformation..which isnīt the same, sure one might use layout and continue switching between layout and modeler and freezing etc..but it is a tedious non fluent workflow.

I am a bit stumbled that we donīt seem to have a normal displacement in modeler yet.

point normal move is excluded from this texture falloff..to the implementation isnīt very good.

reacting to this since itīs so much easier in modeling workflow doing this stuff in blender, where the displacement modifier is acting on normals if you want that...it is definitly a difference between how a fractal is displacing the object with respect to normals, rather than just size drag with texture falloff.

I think the lightwave team should have made this itīs own tool...because a thing to be aware of, that is once you dropped the scaling and continue to work..if you havenīt unchecked the texture all the time ..it will ruin every other move scale operation since the texture fallof is still active, so a simple displacement normal deformer would be better..that wouldnīt interfere with the other standard commands.

The texture falloff is better than not having it..but itīs not as good as it should have been with a simple displacement deformer, so I am not overly excited about it.


01-30-2016, 01:03 PM
some experiments by using node procedural texture and entering nodes while scaling with texture falloff shows a bit different deformation, tried to plug a normal direction in there, not sure if it is correct..however, it becomes dog slow evaluating the nodes.