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01-27-2016, 04:36 PM
I am running a 3Play Mini with 4 cams. There are several issues. I'll start with the most critical and work my way down. Keep in mind the unit says my software is up to date. I have defragged the drives. Issue #1 - The unit drops frames cutting perhaps a half a second out of my replays. This occurs on all four cams on replay. Issue #2 - The unit will play well and then inexplicably play with jitter. This is visible on the A and B channel on the unit's monitors. And naturally, on the Net 2 channel on the Tricaster 460. Issue #3 - We cannot seemed to get a consistent in point with one button marking. My operator says the in point varies greatly even though he has had the feature set at 8 seconds consistently. Issue #4 - The unit does not consistently recognize the Outpoint padding set at the various lengths. We have tried them all.
The result of this inconsistency is the clip will stop at the outpoint on playback. This gets on the air. Many of these problems are annoying, but don't cause me to send the unit back. Except Issue #1. Dropping frames on clips is a deal breaker. The other night in a highly scrutinized basketball game, there was a shot at the buzzer which was cut right in half by the 3 Play Mini. Oh yes, we were recording, but all 4 angles showed the same thing. The action skipping forward right at a critical point. For $10,000 investment, this is very basic. You say the 3Play Mini will record and playback 4 cams. It does not. Please help me figure this out.

Zane Condren
01-27-2016, 05:28 PM
Please contact NewTek Customer support at http://www.newtek.com/contact-us.html.