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01-24-2016, 08:46 PM

I made this house model in Light Wave Modeler when I am done I sent the model two lightWave layout so I can set up my world in my world I have land on the land I have my house when I set up my house put all the furniture in the house then I have 3 characters that I have built in modeler gave them skelegons and weight maps in Lightwave Modeler. I have modeled a briefcase which I want one of my characters to hold so I make my character walk over to the briefcase object and then using parenter I parent the briefcase to the bone in the hand. For some reason when I parent the briefcase to the bone in the hand the briefcase will not stay with the hand and flies up into the ceiling why does this happen.


01-24-2016, 11:50 PM
When you say " not stay with the hand", do you mean not animating with the hand or do you mean it is not located with the hand?

Parenter from my recollection is not really as advertised. Or maybe there are settings different now. But I do remember trying it years ago and when you parent to the new object, I don't remamber there being a "parent in place" option. So what you are likely seeing is, on the keyframe when you have the parenting take place it will move the object the same distance away from center as to the new parent object. Something like that anyway.

I am in the middle of something, so I can not experiment with it.

Is there another way to dynamic parent now in LW? Again busy at the moment and I can not check it.

Sorry if this is all not 100% accurate I am going off of recollection going back something like 8-9 years. It has been a while... ;)

You might however try using a "zero null" in the set up.

01-25-2016, 03:05 AM
A similar scenario seems to work fine for me. A scene where a very rudimentary rigged box picks up a small blue ball using Parenter is attached. The blue ball is parented to Bone04 of the box at frame 60.

Is your briefcase keyframed after it's picked up? Make sure all keys for the briefcase after it's picked up are deleted. Also, I'm not sure it's required, but I'd make the point where the hand connects to the briefcase the pivot point of the briefcase just on general principles.

You may need to post the scene / objects to get more help.

I'm running LW V11.6.3