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01-23-2016, 02:41 PM
Hi all. Saw this post Titled "Poser or daz" The poster had lots of helpfull and knowledgeable replies. Glad to see lightwave uses who also use Poser and hope you do not mind my putting my poser issue/question to you.

I have an issue with the Poser Pro 11 i bought late last year.
This issue has been there since day one by default.

When you have just a single figure in the scene,and nothing else, such as Pauline/M4/Tommo/Apollo/V4 and try to rotate/move the scene or the figure.
there is always some element of drag/slow reaction.
This poor reaction response is worse with certain figures and with a few figures the scene is virtually impossible to rotate/move.
The Document Display style is obviosly set to Texture Shaded by default.
But if i change the Display style to Smooth lined or any other option in the Document Display style panel then all and any figure in the scene will rotate/move perfectly freely with no hesitation at all.
Poser Pro 11 is simply there previous version Game dev with new additional features.
Have no issues what so ever with my Game Dev so difficult to understand why the rotation issue exists in Poser Pro 11.

If you have Poser Pro 11 and also had/have this problem did you manage to resolve it if so how.

Been in contact with Poser tech support all along and carried out all suggestions put to me and gave them all info about my computer system which is all up to date in every respect.
Tech support informed that they think they may know what the problem is and to download and install the latest update which may fix the problem.
I downloaded and installed this update, which became available yesterday, but unfortunatly this did not fix the rotation drag issue.
Informed tech support and now waiting for there response.
Mean time im trying to find out whether others users of Poser Pro 11 have had the same issue because i do not know wether this problem only effects me or is happening with other users.
Have also, yesterday, registered with this poser forum "PoserAddicts II" and as soon as my registration is validated with an email reply i will also put the same issue to
the members there.
Thanks for any help in reply.

To LW forum administrator. Hope you do not mind my posting a Poser only software question on this forum but i do use poser and lightwave together some times and
although im bending the rules a bit i asummed you would not mind to much.

01-26-2016, 09:47 AM
Thanks to anyone who may of intended to reply and to any one who was about to reply.