View Full Version : Bones in layout to skelegons in modeler, preferably in transformed state?

01-08-2016, 10:30 PM
hi folks, I am messing with some bones, originally created as skelegons in modeler, and I want to turn them back to skelegons in modeler..this is why and the workflow.

I am using Ik booster and bone dynamics to let bones fall on to objects like a rock, and deform along it, what I want is to send it back to modeler in itīs final deformed simulated state..almost like a save transformed, but that wonīt work.
I tried D-storms load bones, but donīt seem to work in lw 2015.3 32 bit.

What I finally want to test is to run strandmaker on the skelegons to get polylines and then skin them with a mesh in blender.

I could probably go another direction and do the skinning first in blender send back to lightwave and run the sim with geometry active in that order, by doing so I would be able to save out the geometry as transformed...but I would prefer
to be able to go the other way with bones first.

Any ideas?

01-08-2016, 10:38 PM
Never mind guys...found a simple solution..
previously I tested with initial polyline chain together with the skelegons/bones, didnīt work when I saved out transformed..but I didnīt follow the proper order process to get it working properly..but I got it sorted out now.
Might show a description on it later for some one else who wantīs to know..or post it in my Blender skin modifier thread, since it is covering some topics of creating roots etc..