View Full Version : axis translate..frustrating vertex snapping, work only at certain vertexes.

01-06-2016, 05:30 PM
Hi folks, I often use some polylines, or copied edges, and wantīs to move and snap to other edges vertexes, and for that I use the axis translate tool.
The tool is a bit frustrating at some times, since if I try to drag a segment and snap it to another segments vertex, it usually works..but when I for instance have a straiht polyline at x-0 value..the snapping seem to have issues and lock on to those vertexes that are in those locations, any point to the side of the x-axis are working nicely.

Hope you guys understand...if you donīt I would need some pictures to showcase I reckon.

this seems to be the same case in 11.6.2 32 bit, as well as 2015.3 32 bit.

a workaround would be to offset the segments an have none that lines up in x-center origin, or use the snap drag tool with mode set to connected points.
I am suspecting it might have something to do with 1point polys and 2 point polys at the x-0 origin perhaps?