View Full Version : So much screen expanse goodness

01-03-2016, 07:37 PM
Just exulting a little. For some time now I've been unhappy with my workstation screens. The main one has been a 27" Apple Cinema Display with a dinky little 20" HP as the secondary. My chief obstacle to upgrading has been the honking big hutch attached to my work desk. I have yet to find a comparable desk in terms of size and nooks for housing my Mac Pro, Synology and other doo dads so the idea of replacing it hadn't panned out.

Then I realized: why not just remove the silly hutch? Said task turned out to be something of a nightmare but I prevailed and suddenly most monitor size limits just vanished.

I elected to keep the ACD, it's a great monitor even if long in the tooth these days. For my primary I settled on the curved 32" Dell that's been out for a year or so now. Another Apple display was out of the question: they are so far behind in monitor tech right now it's not even funny. I get they are holding back until the 5k tech becomes viable so they can make yet another grand (and spendy) splash but in the meantime we have real life things to do. The Dell was marked down nearly 50% and natively supports the mini display port so it was an easy choice.

I'm loving it. The curved screen is actually a useful feature, not a gimmick. Colors are gorgeous and accurate and I couldn't be happier with my new "cockpit."