View Full Version : Childhoods' end tv series

12-21-2015, 04:59 PM

I just watched the first two parts of the miniseries.
I was complete freaked out when the overlord showed himself and reveal his true form
a DEMON !!!
I loved the show !!!

12-26-2015, 08:48 PM
So they're following the novel, not taking it in another direction. That's good.

12-26-2015, 10:54 PM
Some people MIGHT have wanted spoiler warnings. Dood.

12-27-2015, 09:11 AM
Kinda yeah, though I dont watch TV but still. What if I do?

12-27-2015, 10:38 AM
Actually his true form is NOT a demon - he just resembles a particular fallen angel from Earth's past.

And while they apparently did follow the general direction of the book, it seems that they did make quite a few changes. I haven't seen it yet, but I will shortly. Childhood's End is my favorite book.