View Full Version : Realtime photorealistic cafe using LightWave and Unity, Day 5: Crazy Person edition

12-21-2015, 08:56 AM
I shot this whole thing, but left my mic off. Then I went back to fix it and managed to delete part of the *video*. So I could either scrap a day's worth of work and do it over, or do um... whatever this is. So the audio's a little off and doesn't exactly track the video in parts. But I wanted to get it out there so I could get back on track. And I wanted to demonstrate a terrible idea (building the lightmap for everything at one time).

Important points:
1) Put your images in Unity before you import your model.
2) If you ignore step 1, delete materials you want to fix, and reimport the model.
3) If you want to take advantage of Unity's light maps, DO NOT have it generate lightmap UVs for your entire scene unless you have a lot of free time for Unity to just sit and think.

It's far better to generate the lightmap UVs on a few objects as needed than to generate them for every object initially.

Oh, and Unity shows a surface as bright pink/purple when it can't find a material. So as I delete them, that's why things go pink.