View Full Version : Blender volumetric clouds

12-20-2015, 04:46 PM
found this one interesting, he gets very nice results..though not perfect for a full cg scene the way he does it, since he is giving it a lot of post effects..

he also warns about blender cycles crashing a lot with volumetrics.

check around 25 minutes in and forth for some interesting ways of displacing subdiv objects which then gets a volumetric material and scattering plugin in to it, also some other shaders to control the density of the scatter so it will break up the cloud edges from being just a volumetric material to actually look like a cloud..very nice.
the cloud displaced objects that have a volumetric material are also scattered/cloned with particles.

The process takes a bit of working to do though, not sure I would want to work with cloud items this way.