View Full Version : Oh Wait! Particle emitter SHOW ID options: numbers jumping around /attached LWS

12-16-2015, 06:22 PM
OH WAIT!!!: (see below)

In this attached LWS:

There's an emitter spewing 50 particles out. The SHOW ID options is ON.

On a frame-by-frame basis, the ID numbers are jumping around, not sticking with any particular particle. Sometimes...

OH WAIT!!!: Once I had Packaged up the scene and uploaded it, I reloaded it and now the ID numbers are performing as expected.

However, I'm continuing this post because:

telling users to reload if they should see this is not really a solution, and I'm not just going to move along without making a fuss;
maybe somebody has a real solution (like 'pilot error'!);
users might have a replicable case (as this one is not) that COULD be submitted as a bug;
I went to all the bother of Packaging it;
it's good to know all the weirdnesses that can happen, so one feels less alone when dueling with LW.

and I've now noticed that particle #zero is just sitting in the emitter going nowhere.