View Full Version : Rhiggit and mocap: a marriage made in heaven

12-12-2015, 10:07 AM
Just wanted to exult a little and share how easy and effective this combo really is. I'm still playing with Nevron, and Genoma is also a fun thing to work with, but Rhiggit is my go-to rigging solution for most projects and this one was no exception.

To sing Rebel Hill's praises a tiny bit more: this morning he very kindly refrained from giving my virtual knuckles a deserved rap when he pointed out the video that explained the very problem I was having last night—said video I had watched but clearly not grasped at the time. Thanks, RH.

This is an extremely rough first draft of an almost-vanilla mocap application to the standard Rhiggit biped rig (the only change I made was deleting the eye controllers since those are handled by morphs on this model). I only tweaked the arm swing a bit to get rid of the body interpenetration. Clearly a lot of cleaning up, tweaking and secondary animating is needed but this came out rather well for all that and took only minutes to achieve.


The specific mocap data came from the CMU archive, as translated into the BVH format. The file used is numbered 142-04.bvh.

For the curious the model is of the mascot for my favorite neighborhood brew pub and was designed by a well known local artist. The character is called Kingsley and is also very much still a work in progress as the owner, manager and I continue to collaborate on getting the look and feel how they want it. This image represents all of the reference material I had available.


And that's the scoop. This process was fun and is amazingly straightforward to achieve. Give it a try!

12-12-2015, 12:38 PM
That's fun but does the emperor realize he has no...? Oh, nevermind. :)

Thanks for sharing that. We're were planning to use RHiggit Pro with mocap on our next Little Green Dog short film so it's encouraging to see this working well for other artists. 'Happy Box' and our current short use fairly basic mocap rigs built from scratch in LightWave. These rigs work fine for our current purpose but we're going to need much better rigs for our next movie. I think RHiggit might be the way to go.


12-14-2015, 11:50 AM
If only Marvelous Designer was cheaper (or a had an extreme sale), then I'd say that and these two would definitely make the marriage in heaven for real. :)