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12-01-2015, 01:29 PM
Soon we're going to move on to the next stage of our production. Assuming we get the financing we're expecting we're thinking about things to improve. Our "trailer" is nearly finished and before we start work on the "real" feature one of the things we want to improve is our collection of character models. Two were purchased as anatomically correct humans from TurboSquid, and the other five were created and purchased from Autodesk's Character Generator website. Those five are not really good enough for primetime and going via TurboSquid seems somewhat unsatisfactory too. So we're thinking to hire/purchase a body scanning system and find human models who are close to our perceptions of what our characters should look like. Keeping in mind our production is meant to be quite naturalistic, not stylized, so modeling work would be for tweaking, not creation from scratch.

Does anybody here have experience with this sort of thing? Any advice or recommendations would help, thanks. A quick google provided me with these two links but I hardly know where to start:



I know the first thing people are going to ask is how much money we've got. We don't know yet. We think we'll be able to afford between 5-10k for this, but we're not sure until we get the dosh.

Another thing I'm a little bit confused about is how important sub-patching is. The models we got from Autodesk we're hi-res flat poly. Trying to sub-patch them seemed to cause more problems than it solved so we just left them flat and most of the time got good results. But I would definitely feel more comfortable with models that are sub-patched because they deform better. What do I do if the scanning system we use delivers flat poly models? Or if we keep using the Autodesk models, is there a trick I don't know to convert a hi-res flat poly model into a slightly lower res sub-patched model?

12-01-2015, 02:21 PM
you might want to look into AgiSoft PhotoScan


once imported into zbrush or similar you can retopo it

Or if we keep using the Autodesk models, is there a trick I don't know to convert a hi-res flat poly model into a slightly lower res sub-patched model?
there is a program that converts highpoly subD to lowpoly, but note, it's not the same as retopo

12-01-2015, 02:55 PM
There's this ipad solution: http://cubify.com/products/isense

I was at ComicCon 2014 and they were at an Adobe session where they scanned a gent. Within seconds they were playing around with the model.

12-01-2015, 03:12 PM
Thanks for both product suggestions and the SubD-Recovery thread helped a lot too.

12-01-2015, 03:54 PM
Maybe these guys will help?


THough typically, you might have just missed their 50% sale that was on today for "cyber Monday"...