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11-05-2015, 01:25 PM
(not going to bother editing: REPOSTED)

One pitfall might be is, I bet a LOT of people use G-TOGGLE SUBPATCH in their modeling, and going back to SET SUBPATCH would be confusing and painful (metaphorically).

IIRC I already asked for this feature request, but other people requesting it wouldn't hurt: a TAG (that's a thing, right?) that makes polys as UN-SUBPATCH-ABLE.

Like making points UN-MERGE-ABLE*, this could really prevent users from shooting themselves in the foot while modeling (although merging points is more disastrous).

(In case people are wondering: SET SUBPATCH only subpatches selected polys. G-TOGGLE subpatches all polys, selected or not.)

If you're mixing subpatched assemblies with poly assemblies, being able to lock polys as Polys would be very convenient. It's possible there's already some LW entity (weight maps, sketch colors, whatev) that could be used to implement this particular feature. Like "designate PURPLE as unsubpatchable". Then a knock-off off G-TOGGLE could just check the Sketch Color and decide whether or not to subpatch that poly.

If you like this idea, go request it on your account page, same process as bug reports but check the FEATURE REQUEST box.

*by moving points apart in an endomorph.
EDIT: ooo, ooo, using Sketch Color would also give users a visual indication as to why things weren't getting subpatched.